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A British couple took the Spanish government to court on the grounds that the old system of taxing non-residents more capital gains tax than residents was discriminatory. And won!

Contact: 07858597170 E-mail:
Contact: 07858597170E-mail:

Steel Slats


Chase Converyors LTD provides Steel slat conveyors. These conveyors come with belts which are plate linked allowing them to be very robust for medium to heavy duties. They are suitable for harsh and unfriendly work loads such as heat treatment, recycling, low temperature ovens, presswork and scrap removal. To allow all this to happen the belts themselves are made from a range of materials such as stainless steel, pre galvanised mild steel including hot and cold rolled mild steel. They are fitted with a series of castellated plates which when rolled create hinges which have cross rods passing through the hinge points and side of the chain. 


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