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UK Spanish home-owners win landmark case

A British couple took the Spanish government to court on the grounds that the old system of taxing non-residents more capital gains tax than residents was discriminatory. And won!

Contact: 07858597170 E-mail:
Contact: 07858597170E-mail:


ChaseConveyors UNI-TRACK a simple but strong gravity roller conveyor.

41 x 41 x 2.5mm pre-galvanized side frame supplied in 2 m sections.

Various side guide arrangements, support legs, bends, junctions, gates,end stops.


CC20 -20mm Dia. Rollers rated at 7Kg/roller,25 to 150mm pitch, 50mm wide to 400mm wide.


CC30 - 30mm Dia. Rollers rated at 12Kg/roller,40 to 150mm pitch,50mm wide to 500mm wide.


CC38 - 38mm Dia. Rollers rated at 20Kg/roller,50 to 150mm pitch,50mm wide to 600mm wide.


CC50- 50mm Dia. Rollers rated at 60Kg/roller,60 to 150mm pitch,60mm wide to 1000mm wide.

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